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Break the Bull is launching a literary digest magazine that will cover all things Art, Culture and Entertainment. We include a vast array of different types of voices and stories. (Ex: We allow comics, short graphic novels, screenplays, and regular text-based stories)

We seek the underdogs of untold stories and the creators who would like to, for once, be included in something that doesn’t sell out to those who are well off.

Have you ever spoke of something passionate to you only to be told to “be quiet” or flat out ignored? What about sharing something intimate only for others to directly judge you and tear you down for simply speaking YOUR truth?

Break the Bull isn’t about to let that go on much longer. Everyone has a story to tell and yours is just as important as other influencers/celebs. They’re not the only ones who have struggles, and they’re not more important than YOU. And honestly, they don’t need anymore clout.

Find out how to submit to BtB LitMag HERE.