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What Makes BtB LitMag Different Than The Others?

Well, for starters, we don’t base our acceptance rates on the popularity of the one who is submitting their story.

Popularity isn’t discouraged but it’s not influential either. Break the Bull aims to give a platform of a like-minded community for those who are not able to either afford the reach, or know how to reach enough people to hear their stories.

And when you scan the current market of other magazines, most try and push their singular political or religious views upon people when there is an entire world out there. Enough with the divide already.

Besides that, most of the magazines that offer advice or “new” ways of solving problems, are a cut and dry level of generic. Most read as if written by an alien from a poorly written cartoon who is completely out of touch with our current reality.

BtB LitMag also will publish the submissions within their own article page with a URL to be shared across all platforms.

So if this sounds like something right up your alley, please join in on this journey!