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Would you be interested in becoming a contributor for Break the Bull? A contributor role is free to participate and is a free site to allow self expression and freedom of speech.

Creative self promos are also allowed. Send an email to breakthebullpodcast@gmail.com for chance to be considered with the title “Contributor”.

(Share links to prior content or use examples, and you’ll be allowed to share your own links through the posts you make as a contributor in order to spread awareness of your own works and/or donation links/backlinks)

How Many Positions Are Open?

Right now, I’d like to keep it small just to see how it goes. So I am looking for about 2-3 active people willing to post frequently.

What Are The Rules, If Any?

The rules are simple. And they apply to the guest post page that’s open to the public on the website.

-Must share original content. (Can be from prior site they own or have been on such as Medium, but they must own the content being posted)

-Contributors are responsible for their own donation links if they wish to monetize. Stripe provides an excellent source to start with. Or PayPal. Whichever is easier for them.

-Content cannot be NSFW related. It can be about it, such as a topic. But no 18+ pictures/videos/content. (Advertising an Erotic novel is okay)

-The site creator has the right to remove content that violates any of these rules.

-The site creator is not responsible for their donations.

-The site creator is not an employer.

-The contributors are responsible for their own backed up content. Keep copies of everything posted in case anything happens to the site.

What Topics Are Encouraged?

Anything your mind wishes to ponder. I, myself, prefer gaming/writing topics. But I’d like to expand that a bit more. Hence the contributor position.

What Are the Perks?

Most websites that allow people to share and post content never allow for self promo and still require some kind of paywall payment for accessing certain parts of the site. This site is not it. I allow self promo and upon acceptance, all the paywalls are lifted for that individual to allow full access to reading and sharing the things they like.

Is the Content Protected?

I use a few copysafe elements to prevent people from copying and pasting information from the articles to an outside source they do not own.

Who Owns the Posted Content?

The author of the post. The site creator does not claim, nor ever will claim, any posted content that was not written by the creator themselves. A written statement will be made as well upon acceptance so the writers know they are in complete control with their owned content. Writers retain 100% of their rights.

What if A Contributor Quits?

If that were to happen, or a forced removal, then all of their banned content will be removed from the site unless they wish to keep it all. In which case, they’d have to send a written statement saying they will allow their content to remain public.

* Published content may be subject to Publication in the BtB LitMag.

* By choosing to publish content with us, you agree to these terms.

Contact Us Below:


*All content must abide by the law. Meaning you must own all rights to anything published, or follow copyright laws. Anything found to be in violation of that will be removed. (If you feel like your rights have been violated by one of the contributors/authors please feel free to submit a Request for Removal email below).

*Any content published is owned by the author/contributor. If you wish to contact the author/contributor about a certain piece use the form below.

*Owner of this site has the right to remove any publication at anytime if it is stolen, libelous, misleading, inaccurate, or harmful. (Basically, don’t steal, don’t bully, don’t promote drugs/violence/rape/etc, and you’ll be fine).

*Published content may be selected for a spot on Break The Bull™. If the author/contributor wishes to not have their pieces featured, they may say so by adding the ‘not featured’ tag on their post/article. If, by chance, a piece is selected, this is an example of what to expect on the feature episode: “Hero’s Angel here on Break The Bull™, presenting an article submitted by (Author’s Name), titled (Title). You can also find this on my website: breakthebull.com/(slug).”

*All published content may be referenced and reviewed, but not read, on Break The Bull™.

*Spots are limited!

*If you have any questions, please fill out the form below.